Fluid Lyfe Terms of Service.
"Fluid Lyfe"  Holds no liability if you should decide to meet some off this web site.
This Site is for entertainment Purposes only.
If you should purchase any product from Fluid Lyfe there are no "Refunds."
You Must be 18 or older to join this site.
"Fluid Lyfe"  Does not tolerate any kind of Bullying, or Bashing , if you do so "Fluid Lyfe reserves the right to remove you from the site and all your content, and we also reserve the right to never let you return.
If you should post pictures or Videos of your self or someone else, "Fluid Lyfe" holds no liability.
Fluid Lyfe is a LGBTQI Web site but anyone of any Creed or identity may join.
This site enjoys freedom of speech, but with respect to all members..
Once you Enter this site we assume you have read and agreed to all of our Terms of service. 
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